A gallant knight. A smitten Queen. The Kingdom will never be the same


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The Cup Bearer

In the tone of The Princess Bride, this 16th century romantic-comedy tells the story of a selfish young queen who needed a new Cup Bearer–someone to taste her food and drink prior to her eating in case it was poisoned. She demands a gallant young knight assume the role. What she gets is a knight whose pending personal transformation will transform the kingdom.

The movie stars Hana Small, Spenser Gerard, Ashley Strand, and Ashley Ochs.

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We the People Studios exists to provide family-friendly, inspirational stories that entertain and inspire the soul.

What's Coming Next is Mysterious Thrilling Inventive

A fantasy faith-based series shooting in 2021

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In a sleepy Alabama town in 1962 …….

Don't You Tell a Soul

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Don't You Tell a Soul

Inspirational family film set in 1962. Small town Alabama. A letter that opened the hornet’s nest.

Stars Karen Abercrombie (War Room), Todd Terry (Breaking Bad, Washington’s Armor), Amy Sutherland (Agents of SHIELD), Aryn Wright-Thompson (Overcomer)

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